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Estate Law

Robert B. Easterling, Attorney at Law, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, provides estate law services including drafting and administration of wills and trusts.

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Estate Law

As one aspect of our attorney services, we assist with estate administration.  Clients come with many questions and little knowledge about how to proceed with their estate plan, but they also come with questions and needs for assistance with probate and estate administration.  We administer the will or trust, or walk the client through the process of administering the will or trust. Additionally, we draft wills, trusts and other estate planning documents.

Documents, Estate Law in Fredericksburg, VA


 We draft and provide administration of your trust. Trusts are a common estate-planning instrument and a natural part of many estate plans due to tax laws and the individual's desire to take care of their beneficiaries' needs. We professionally handle your simple and complex trusts. We will help you set up the appropriate type of trust that would be most beneficial to the needs of you and your loved ones.

Contact my office in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to schedule an appointment for estate law services.